Hi and Welcome to Gluten Free by Proxy!

I’ve always loved to cook. There isn’t anything I enjoy more than picking out fresh groceries from the store, laying them all out on the counter and have an afternoon cooking session filled with music.

My cooking world came to a screeching halt after I first met my now husband and found out he had a food allergy related to gluten. We started dating and it was a big adjustment period from the way I used to cook  to how I operate in the kitchen today. I learned to really look hard at ingredients or pre-made food and learned to ask the right questions the right way when we are eating out in order to avoid cross-contamination.

My love for him outgrew my initial selfish feelings about what food I was going to be missing out on. This turned into an obsession figuring out how to tweak recipes I love into gluten free friendly versions in order to share them with him. The hardest ones being my Filipino recipes once I learned that wheat was in most soy sauces. Once I found the right products, I was able to recreate most of my favorites much to the delight of my husband.

As a Scientist by trade, cooking and working in the lab naturally go together hand in hand. I tend to “cook by feel” and so I started this journey to create a place where I could chronicle my gluten free recipes stored in my head on to “paper” .

This place is all about the last 4 years of my life in the kitchen and the process of becoming gluten free by proxy <3


Some Additional Factoids and Interests of Mine


1. Call Me Doc

I earned an advanced degree in molecular biology. I work a full-time job as a Scientist for a Diagnostic Company. It’s an off-hand topic but if anyone has any questions about grad school (biomedical), getting your first industry job, and early career advice I’m an open book.

Despite the demanding work schedule, I still try to cook every day when I get home. This blog is definitely my passion project outside of work, and I when I have more time I would like to devote more of the scientific aspects of Celiac disease into my blog.

2. Girl Gamers Unite

I am an avid gamer and my husband and I play a lot of co-op games. He recently updated my gaming computer so we tend to play on that platform more than the consoles these days. Our favorites co-ops right now are Overwatch and Warhammer Vermintide 2. I’m still working on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I’ll get to the new God of War soon. 

3. California Girl Through & Through

I was born in the Philippines to my Filipino mother and Black father who was stationed there in the Navy. He retired in San Diego and that’s where I was raised. I left California for 6 years to live on the East coast for grad school and made my way back a few years ago where I met my husband. We’ve contemplating moving many times due to the high cost of living here, but in the end decided to stay here to be close to our families. Besides, how could I beat this weather! 

4. We’re Newlyweds!

Speaking of meeting my husband we just recently got married in March 2018. We had a beautiful ceremony and reception at one of the zoos here in San Diego and it was just breathtaking. You may as why get married at a zoo? I saw, why not. I love animals more than I can articulate in words, so it was just a no brainer for me.  

4. Garden Lover

I love gardening. I got the bug from my dad and I just can’t help myself. We currently rent so all of my gardening has to be done out of pots. I can’t wait until we own a home so I can start my own garden beds. Because I haven’t had much room for gardening or money for it, most of my roses, plumeria, and house plants come from cloning plants from other sources. Cloning is just a fancy word for making genetic copies. All you need is one node from your cutting and patience.

I’d love to hear from you about anything regarding gluten free diet and cooking and any of my interests listed here.

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